AOI PROJECT is about making sustainable everyday items in an ethical way.

Our goal is to share knowledge through our channels, and to offer a more sustainable alternative to consumer items. To spread the word of environmentalism and add to a more considered wardrobe and lifestyle.

We believe garments and objects should be made to last, without being at the expense of our planet or of people.

All our pieces are made with sustainability at the forefront. Our fabrics and notions are mindfully sourced after thorough research and consideration.

The collections are designed taking inspiration from everyday life during previous eras, with the intention of being functional and timeless. The garments are designed to be nicely paired together and fit into your already existing wardrobe and home.

葵 aoı

AOI [ao-ee] comes from the Japanese word ao (青), adjective form aoi, which is the colour word representing both blue and green in ancient Japanese.

aoı strives to be a green brand inspired by our blue planet.


AOI PROJECT was founded by Solveig Knutsen in 2018.

Previously working in the fashion industry as a photographer and stylist assistant, learning about the pace and impact of fashion on the environment, she developed a passion for more sustainably crafted and slow made fashion. Finding it hard to come by ethically made garments and accessories in sustainable materials, she started making them for herself, which later evolved into the creation of AOI.

Being a comitted environmentalist since her teens, Solveig hopes to inspire others to a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle through AOI. And will continue slowly growing the project based on continuous research and disclosure.

During the summer of 2022 AOI PROJECT had a growth spurt and INDIGOINDIGO was launched – a textile and pattern shop for home sewers.



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